Roonee 247

Project/Title: Photography and Technology

Location: Roonee 247 Fine Arts, Tokyo, Japan

Date: February 14 - March 11, 2018


The history of photography is often rendered as a progression of technical innovations pushing the medium towards a constantly expanding language or its possibility. In the mid 1970’s Polaroid introduced the self contained SX-70 system. Not only did the image develop without the need of separating layers as with previous Polaroids but the small format prints had what looked like their own passepartout.

In the attempt to get the image to harden once it developed in its sealed packet the process often caused, over time, cracks to appear in the surface. These cracks had/has created an anomaly of a modern technique with an ancient “look”.

And so this work created in 1978 and, which consists of four SX-70 prints presents a nude in the photographic “present” while its surface evokes old master paintings of the “past”.

Jack Sal
New York
December 2017

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