Roonee 247

Project/Title: Fotogenic Nan Sen - Cliché-verre

Location: Roonee 247 Photography Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

Date: April 8 - April 17, 2011

Link: artapartofculture

These unique photographic prints, made from Sal’s own drawings on translucent papers and other supports are from Sal’s production that began in 1977 and includes works on printing-out-paper, which have a beautiful tonal scale, and rich color. Clichè-Verre, a Greek phrase meaning “glass picture” is a photographic technique in which the photographer draws onto a piece of glass or another transparent/translucent support. The drawing is placed onto a piece of light-sensitive paper and left it in the sun where the image is printed onto the paper. The photographic paper turns darker where light is able to pass through the hand made “negative” and color the photosensitive paper. During the mid 19th century, French landscape painter Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot made the Clichè-Verre a popular combination of art and photography.

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