Project/Title: Trap/Trappola

Exhibition: One Man Exhibition

Materials: Spring Steel & Photo Paper

Dimensions: 50 Units 7.9"X1.6"/20cmX4cm Each

Location: IRIDE, Spazio espositivo Aletheia, Perugia, Italy

Date: July 2003

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The Artist

By drawing the viewer’s attention to the time and space that is occupied by a work of art, he liberates art from the confines of its own preoccupation with itself. The viewer is invited to participate in the perception not only of the work of art, but also and especially of the space that surrounds it. The viewer’s perception of space is subtly altered and slowly shifts from the work of art itself to the space it occupies and a space that the viewer himself also occupies. A sense of empathy results between the viewer and the work of art, between the work of art and the space, between the space and the viewer. The work of art is thus a catalyst in a new order of pictorial space, an order that includes the passing time as well as an awareness of change yet to take place, and our own place within all of this.