Galeria Stuzki Wspólczesenej

Project/Title: White/Wash

A Project for the Victims of the 1946 Pogrom


Using local materials gathered from the city and surrounding area White/Wash evokes the context of matter and history through the physical and cultural trace of place.

Location: Galeria Stuzki Wspólczesenej, Kielce, Poland

Materials: Lime Wash on Objects

Dimensions: Variable

Date: May 2003

The exhibition illuminates the history of the Jewish community of Kielce, Poland. Founded in 1868, the community established a variety of industries including glass, timber, cement, paving stones, publishing, and most importantly, limestone quarries and lime works. These still exist today in Kielce, though the founders and their descendents are no longer present. The Pogrom in 1946 at Platny 7 Street is a tragic footnote in the history of the Jewish community of Kielce, and it has left its mark in the history of evil.

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The Artist

Students from the Kielce Art Academy: